Louis Hogganvik`s story

Louis Hogganvik`s story

The supreme sacrifice

Louis Hogganvik, from Sør-Audnedal, was without a doubt one of the most abused and mistreated prisoners at Arkivet. After two failed attempts at suicide he finally suceeded in taking his own life. In order to cover up this barbaric treatment and avoid details from leaking out, ss.Haupstumfuhrer Rudolf Kerner decided that Hogganvik should be buried at sea near Oksøy lighthouse. His remains were never found.

Louis Hogganvik, a textile worker was arrested on 10.january 1945. The arrest most likely came about as a result for a report from german born Herman Weiss in Mandal who worked as an interpreter at the Arkivet. Weiss suspected Hoganvik of communist activities. In the feared basement of the arkivet, Hogganvik was subjected to the most cruel torture methods a number of times in the following weeks. Kerner was the one who gave the orders for this extreme treatment. Hogganwik was whipped with cat o nine tails on the soles of his feet and head, causing blood to flow freely. His eye was also injured. Rubber trunchons were used to beat his backside. The torture didnt stop there. His knees which were stiff from birth were forcibly broken up by the Gestapo thugs.

As a result of this grotesque treatment, Hogganvik sank into deep depression. To escape further horrors he decided to take his own life, which he did on January 19, 1945. He realized that he would be tortured to death anyway. He also feared that he would be forced to divulge information about an illegal organization that he had knowledge of. In shear desperation he ate his matress, stuffing pieces way down his throat thereby sufficating to death. The Gestapo insisted on keeping this horrible event a secret so Hogganvik along with the bodies of 4 russian prisoners were buried at sea. The 4 russians had been hanged from the mast of a fishing boat near Oksøy lighthouse. This atrocity was carried out by Glomb and Willfuhr. Kerner ordered that Hoganviks relatives were not to be notified of his death, so they were forced to live in the dark regarding his fate, as was the case with many prisoners in Germany. The inhuman barbarism displayed by the Gestapo seemed to have no limits.

"Slit your throats"

Motorboat captain Wilhelm Ovin Sørensen, from Mandal, was arrested on January 31, 1945. In February he was taken to the archive for interrogation. The feared intepreter from Mandal, Herman Weiss, was present. He seet the mood by loudly issueing threats and insinuations typical of the treatment to come. It began wtih "you should have been shot, you Hogganvik and Fritz Reinertsen a long time ago. You damned communists. You will tell us all you know or else we will cut you to pieces. We will use all the means that we have at our disposal here in Arkivet to find out your connections to communists in Stavanger and eastover. And furthermore you will be punished for planning the luquidation of Heldahl, Tønnesen and me." Weiss threatened Fritz Reinertsen from Mandal by saying: "We are going to slit your throats."