Focal point Arkivet

Focal point Arkivet

The Gestapo prison cells and torture chambers in the basement are reconstructed to the way they existed during the Second World War. The events which took place in the basement are illustrated with the help of texts, photographs, films, interviews and artefacts.
The exhibit gives a glimpse of the activities and atmosphere at Arkivet during the period from 1942-45. The Exhibition has also a broad perspective focusing on how the story of Arkivet is part of the greater story of Second World War.

In the period 1940-45 the Norwegian democracy was replaced with Nazi dictatorsip. The main task of the German security police, of which the Gestapo was a part, was to combat Norwegian resistance. The Gestapo used this very builing, called "Arkivet", as headquaters in Southern Norway. The permanent exhibition strives to strengthen a contemporary perspective. Focal point Arkivet: Occupation, resistance, captivity and collaboration in Agder 1940-1945" aims at providing a greater understanding of how individual choices of action affect society in a positive or negative direction. 

The Permanent Exhibition is divided in five sections:


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